Secret Garden

Rooftop Herb Garden

Fairfield RSL’s rooftop herb garden began as a small sustainability initiative and has flourished into a beautiful green space that provides fresh ingredients for our restaurants and plays an important part in the Club’s waste management strategy. All vegetable peels from our kitchens are composted to nourish the garden, which holds more than thirty varieties of herbs, fruits and vegetables. From common parsley and coriander to kaffir lime bushes and lemon trees, our rooftop herb garden hosts a plethora of flavours, tracing a clear path from planter to table. All of our chefs are involved in the garden’s upkeep, and each harvest brings with it a sense of joy and excitement. The garden has transformed a bare concrete area into a fragrant, green space and serves as a springboard into conversations about sustainability and local produce in the community. Our rooftop is now a natural laboratory for our chefs, where they can experiment with the different tastes and flavours that spring from the garden beds. Growing our own ingredients also means we can ensure quality and freshness in the dishes we serve up.