The Peninsula Cafe


Sunday – Thursday
10.00am – 4.00am
Friday – Saturday
10.00am – 6.00am


14 Anzac Avenue
Fairfield NSW 2165
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Gourmet cafe within a natural sanctuary



A sanctuary, a world within a world, filled with bird song and flowing water, eclectic food and drink treats for anytime of the day. The Peninsula Café is a place apart. We’ve created an all encompassing water feature, just above eye level when you sit down, so you feel that you are in a verdant and lush forest. It’s all natural – the trickle of the water over rough stones, the birds singing, the forest sounds. You get enveloped and carried away.



The menu here is very eclectic. There is great coffee but you can also get a Roast Beef Focaccia with salad and horseradish or a Gourmet Drovers Pie. Sandwiches are presented in rustic wooden trays and served on wooden boards and stones. We have cucumber water and citrus waters on tap. We make our own barbecue sauce and seasoning for the fries. So anything you put in your mouth here is special. It’s not just what you ordered — we’ve thought about it and made it special.



Our cucumber and citrus waters are natural thirst quenchers. We replenish them several times a day. Rich in vitamin C and several antioxidants they can help to lower blood pressure and promote healthy skin.